Vol 2, No 5 (2013)

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Original Articles

Image-guided percutaneous infiltration at the emergence of greater occipital nerve for the treatment of Arnold’s neuralgia PDF
Dimitrios K. Filippiadis, A. Mazioti, G. Stathis, E. Alexopoulou, X. Tsobanlioti, N. Kelekis, A. Kelekis 261
Long term outcome after interventions for work related upper limb disorder affecting the hand and forearm: A prospective study PDF
Bo Povlsen 266
Poor prognosis factors in surgical treatment of femoroacetabular impingement PDF
Dante Parodi, Javier Besomi, Carlos Tobar, Juanjosé Valderrama, Jaime López, Joaquín Lara 271
Application for quality control in mammography screening PDF
A. Broisman, A. Shkatov, T. Schlesinger, I. Orion, M. Sklair-Levy 279

Expert Opinion

Macular edema PDF
Maria Pia Paroli, Claudia Fabiani 285
Neuralgia PDF
Michelangelo Buonocore 293
Catastrophic thinking about pain: A critical appraisal highlighting the importance of the social context and balance PDF
Line Caes, Liesbet Goubert, Michael J. L. Sullivan, Christine T. Chambers 298
Halitosis: Current aspects PDF
Elen de Souza Tolentino, Luiz Eduardo Montenegro Chinellato 309
Clinical utility of cetuximab-induced skin toxicity: The jury is still out PDF
Ezzeldin M. Ibrahim, Meteb Al-Foheidi, Mubarak M. Al-Mansour, Ghieth A. Kazkaz 315
Sunitinib associated adverse events PDF
André P. Fay, Paula J.S. Pereira, Carlos H. Barrios 320
Efficacy and safety of omacetaxine for treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia PDF
Hemant Kulkarni, John Blangero, Melanie A. Carless 329
Cinacalcet efficacy and safety PDF
Josep Bonet 339
Efficacy and safety of nimotozumab: A short comment PDF
Viroj Wiwanitkit 344

Review Articles

Efficacy and safety of dabigatran etexilate: A narrative review PDF
Nicoletta Riva, Marco Paolo Donadini, Silvia Bozzato, Luigina Guasti, Francesco Dentali, Alessandro Squizzato 347

Images in Medicine

Splenomegaly in a HIV-infected patient PDF
Massimo Tonolini, Roberto Bianco 366

Case Study

Prevention of amputation case study PDF
Stephanie Y. Sheridan, Carolyn Schreeder 362

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