Vol 2, No 4 (2013)

Table of Contents

Original Articles

A multicenter open-label study to understand individual and couple satisfaction in men treated with sildenafil for erectile dysfunction PDF
Mariano Sotomayor, Joseph C. Cappelleri, Andrew G. Bushmakin, Joaquin Mould, Regina Gómez-Palacio, Gabriela Davila, Paula Abreu 181
Gender differences in cardiovascular signs and risk factors among hypertensive primary care patients with self-rated high risk for obstructive sleep apnea PDF
Anders Broström, Peter Johansson, Barbara Riegel, Per Nilsen, Bengt Fridlund, Eva Svanborg 188
Burkitt’s lymphoma in AIDS patients: Report of six cases and review of the literature PDF
Marcelo Corti, María F. Villafañe, Alicia Bistmans, Ana M. Campitelli, Marina Narbaitz 198

Expert Opinion

Aflibercept in the treatment of wet macular degeneration PDF
Michael W. Stewart 203
Trastuzumab emtanzine (T-DM1) in the treatment of HER-2 positive breast cancer PDF
Muaiad Kittaneh, Patricia M. LoRusso 213
Current concepts in the treatment of fibromyalgia PDF
Mahmoud Slim, Fernando Rico-Villademoros, Elena P. Calandre 222
Efficacy and safety of statins: Focus on atorvastatin and simvastatin PDF
Reynold Spector 233

Review Articles

Infantile colic: from symptoms to diagnosis - A practical approach PDF
Francesco Savino, Stefania Benetti, Simone Ceratto 239
Causes of pelvic girdle pain and the prognostic factors for its recovery PDF
Remon Keriakos, Nikola Curry 245

Case Reports

Refractory glaucoma secondary to iridocorneal syndrome treated with drainage implant PDF
Juan Ibañez Alperte, Beatriz Jiménez del Río, Diana Pérez-García, Francisco Javier Ascaso Puyuelo, Ester Loras Alegre, Jose Angel Cristóbal Bescós 251
Solitary mesenteric neurilemmoma: A rare phenomenon PDF
Molly D Amin, Lia F Alvarez, Kerry A Burke, Kumaran Thiruppathy, Steven J Snooks 256

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